Pineman (6 Oct 2011)
"Carol Garza - More George SNoory with Guests: Stan Deyo, Holly Drennan Deyo"

Dear Carol & Doves:

Here's the blurb on Stan's website:

Stan and Holly guest with George Noory on Coast To Coast Am Mon. Oct. 3;
topics: Earth changes, how Big Pharma conspires to keep you broke and sick; little known, vital information on Cumbre Viejo volcano and possible mega-tsunami, why there are more seismic sensors along the New Madrid Fault than anywhere else in the U.S., practical emergency preparedness, Hopi prophecy and Iranian nuclear warships, Stan's sea level rise map and what it means for America, the Sun on a rampage, simple EMP protection, prophetic implications of increased UFO activity. Talking points page posted Monday p.m. Coast listeners enter here listen Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3

This link starts the show from the top and the vids are in 15 minute segments:
C2CAM - 2011.10.03 - Impending Earth Changes 1/11: