Pineman (3 Oct 2011)
"Bruce Baber, 2011 or 2012... listing reasons for the pretrib rapture in either year"

Dear Bruce & Doves:

I'm sorry but I can't in good conscience let your post pass without commentary. I am still recovering from the fallout from the latest no show high alert rapture watch.  Please notice I said fallout.  I had absolutely no expectation for a rapture event to occur during this cycle. It does however breaks my heart when I witness what these for sure dates do to a lot of watchers.  They are convinced that this certain day or that certain day is thee day. When it turns out not to be so we are left with having to pick up the pieces.

The hard truth is that the rapture may not happen in either 2011 or 2012.  And if Dan Matson is correct it is not even in 2013. I am on record for postulating a 2013 possible rapture date: .  Jesus, Himself is casting the shadow as that being the day for ascension.  As far as I know, the 40th day after First Fruits had no initiating significance till Jesus ascended. It was the day that nobody thought!

So far I have not found any analysis that could invalidate my study and I search the web daily trying to find logical arguments that considers all the data with the force of collapsing my time-line; a time-line that has Daniel's 70th week starting on Rosh 2013. Yes, I could be wrong and I would advise all reading this post to live, love, work & worship to the best of their ability up until the day we get of this rock, third from the sun.