Pineman (25 Oct 2011)
"Marilyn Agee - Shortened Tribulation"

Dear Marilyn & Doves:

Just yesterday, after a discussion on politics and current events my father said to me, "so Pineman, how much time do you think we have left"?  I said, "well Pop, its coming down on us like a freight train and if you could hang in there till this coming spring I think you'll be getting your new immortal body then". After a couple of seconds of processing I saw , by the expression on his face, that he is confident he can do it.

Marilyn, I'm sure my father would be much happier with a Hanukkah rapture and you may be right on (as we use to say in the 60's) in your analysis. Even so, I still respectfully disagree.

I think that the Gog war and Armageddon are two different wars. WW3  ends at the beginning of the trib and 7 months later is the dedication of the temple.

I believe the shortening of the trib is shortened down to the end of Daniel's 70th week with only a 21 day reprieve in the beginning (from Rosh to the 8th day of Tabernacles). If Jesus doesn't come back on Rosh 2019 then there will certainly be no flesh left.   The Sabbatical Year and the following Jubilee Year will indeed be settled but because right now we're in the Church age and even though some try to impute a continuous accounting of the 7 and the 50 (year 1 of the new 7) , I have yet to see the farmlands of every country lie fallow every 7 years. I think that there are many things that are in suspended animation until the millennial reign commences. 

The 1335 days is mentioned in the verse preceding the one you referenced for Daniel standing on his own lot but I think that the verse that you referenced is a summation.

You did a minus 7 on Nissan 1, 5776 putting the start at Nissan 1, 5769,
March 26, 2009. Whether you are talking about the trib or Daniel's 70th week I don't think the Church can be on planet earth for either one.

There are many moving parts in the scenario you draw for us with rich scriptural references. I think the doves will be discussing and agreeing and disagreeing right up to the end (and probably then some!).