Pineman (11 Oct 2011)
"The Rapture Thoughts of Brother Sal Smario--to Rowina"

Dear Mariel & Doves:

I think Jack Kelly is half right in that the rapture won't happen till all aboard who's coming aboard. He does introduce much uncertainty and a predisposition to give up trying to determine "the Day". I can understand that after so many false alerts that this is one way of dispensing with that effort. I don't think we should give up but rather be more careful in our analysis and the way we present our findings. I already hinted at the screen I use.  The screen is Biblical and somehow all the day counts in Daniel & Revelation have to be accounted for. The Resurrection & Rapture of course precede the 70th week. 

Events in the mid-east and around the world certainly scream that the end is near and because we have eyes to see and ears to hear the message is loud and clear and it seems like things should have happened yesterday or even yesteryear. When I look around though I can see that people are in various stages of waking up and are just starting to hear and see. So what seems clear to us is often just the first glimmers of light to others. Patience is indeed a virtue.

I listened to Brother Sal's latest broadcast. He moved out of Cali into Mexico and recently got kicked out of his house.  The Lord provided him with new quarters and it sounds like he's right on the beach!  Here's the link to his broadcast. He was one of the pioneers and I realize that some of his research may or may not be right.

Although I could be wrong I see the rapture window opening up on December 21, 2012 and closing on Rosh 2013. I am not dogmatic regarding whether it's a split second or 40 days between the Resurrection and the Rapture.  I simply see Ascension Thursday 2013 as the best candidate for the Rapture when taking all things into consideration. My reasoning converged with Brother Sal's reasoning on this point.

Both Brother Sal & Jack devised ways of dealing with the uncertainty principle.