Phil2 (5 Oct 2011)
Yes !!
I believe that the 'seventy weeks' of years mentioned in verses 24 & 25 are two separate prophecies and two separate periods of 490 years that mostly over lap one another.  Here's why:
The 'seventy sevens' in verse 24 concerns "the people and the Holy (dedicated) city" - these have a total of 490 years left.  This period didn't begin until the Jews returned to the land and the Temple was rebuilt and dedicated.  Bullinger figures this date to have been 405 B.C.  490 years forward from this date would be approximately 85 A.D. when Christ was to return and bring in the Kingdom.  Approximately 64 to 70 A.D. God declared Israel to be 'Lo-ammi' (not my people - Hosea 1:9 & 3:4) (read Josephus 'The Wars of the Jews' books 2 thru 6) so the Jews were slaughtered, survivors taken captive and exiled, and the temple destroyed.  This leaves approximately 15 to 21 years of the 490 years yet to be fulfilled.  If the modern middle Eastern nation called Israel is the 'Israel of God' ... then Daniel 9:24 must be wrong as they have been around for over 60 years.  The period in which we now live (70 A.D. to 2011 A.D.) has a whole new purpose and a new Church (His Body) which was NEVER the subject of the Old Testament or the Gospels (Eph 3:5-9 & Col 1:26) and has nothing to do with Israel !!!!!!!
The 'seventy sevens' in verses 25 through 27 concerns "Messiah the Prince" and "desolations".  This period of 490 years starts with the "commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem" (years before the Temple was dedicated) so can not be the same 490 years prophesied in verse 24.  Most prophecy scholars believe their are seven years left of this 490 year period.  If this is right then these seven years will be the last seven years of the remaining time from verse 24.
Phil 2