Phil (8 Oct 2011)
"New Job"

John and Doves,
I have a new job thanks to a work colleague from way back in 2005! His first name has 7 letters.
The mobile phone number of my colleague and new boss ends with ...7707. The telephone number
of this company adds to 33. Multiplying each number results in 7776.God works in mysterious
I started in the new job on Monday 3rd October, day #277. How many days left to the end of the year?
Why 88 of course!
My previous job, I have just discovered, lasted from Monday, 17/8/2009 to Sunday, 2/10/2011 and therefore
equals 777 days!!! Wow!!! 777 days is also 2yrs and 1 month and 13 days. ie 25 months ie 5 x 5 months
where 5 stands for Grace.
I left the company I worked at with my colleague who gave me this job on 21/11/2005.
From 21/11/2005 to 3/10/2011 is 2142 days or exactly 306 weeks = 2 x 153 weeks!
2142 days is 5yrs 10 months and 12 days or 70 months.
Some of you may also recall that I have 7 letters in each of my 3 names. Yes, another 777.
(I must emphasise that I do not do not tell you this personal info out of vanity or thinking I am special
in any way - far from it but these are just the facts)
My first employer was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as I sailed around the world courtesy of the grey funnel line
(RN) for 7 yrs and 7 days. But that was in another life!
Keep looking up for your redemption surely draws nigh,