Phil (6 Oct 2011)
"Re Bob Ware's "234th Chapter from the end of the Bible...""

John and Doves,
Mary Anna posted today about Bob's post the day before who refered to Joseph Blackmon's earlier post.
Well that's how I got to hear about it!
Anyway I was surprised by this fact that Obama quoted Psalm 46 at Ground Zero and it just happens to be
the 666th chapter of the Bible when counting from the end.
Doing a search I found that Obama quoted from this same Psalm in January -
Then I came across this piece by John Tng in Feb 2009 -
"CHANGE is coming to a Planet near you!"
"On its 8th occurrence, the word 'change' (Ps 46:2) is found in chapter 524, which is chapter 666 counting
from the end of the Bible! The 8th triangular number is 36; the 36th triangular number is 666! The mirror
of the verse number, 462 (with colon removed), is 264; chapter 264 is chapter 666 counting from the end
of the Old Testament! The chapter order total up to the 8th occurrence is 1719 (117+117+117+117+117+117+493+524),
the English standard, ordinal, reduced, and common total of BARCK HUSEIN OM, the thirteen unique letters of BHO!
The book and chapter numbers up to the 8th occurrence is 279 (56+223; see below), the English standard, ordinal,
reduced, and common total of A S BAA, the five repeated letters of BHO!"
And after the chart -
"The number of the beast exploded at the 8th occurrence of muwr. More spectacularly, the beast shows up as
666+666+666 (279+1719). The revealing of the antichrist should be clear as day to believers who have eyes to
see since Obama became the 44th President of the United States, serving the 56th term of office. These two numbers
are concealed in the table above under the book column: book total is 56, and book total of unique verses is 44 (3+3+19+19)!"
Keep looking up,
Thanks, Phil. I have forgotten what I came up with. :)