Phil (29 Oct 2011)
"11/11/11 to 4/8/2012"

John and Doves,
There were some more posts today regarding the 11/11/11 date coming up soon.
 Of course 10 days earlier or 11 inclusive days is 1/11/11 so we may see something then too.
But I just looked at the day gap from 11/11/11 to the centre day of the London Olympics, 4/8/2012, Obama's birthday on day #216 (6x6x6).
But before we look at that just remember how the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on 24/8/8 showed us the conception, birth and baptism of the wicked one and how the Beijing Games centred around the number 8, their New Beginning!
So what is the day gap from 11/11/11 to 4/8/2012? Why, 8 months and 8+8+8 days!!!
Also, it is 7 days short of exactly 9 months - a week short of the 9 month term of pregnancy.
In fact Wikipedia says that 38 weeks is the normal term i.e. 266 days. 8 months and 24 days is
267 days.
How very interesting!! Uh oh!
Keep looking up,