Phil (22 Oct 2011)
"Re Bob Ware's "7957 N.T. verses is the 52nd hexagonal number at the center of a Star of David""

John and Doves,
Thanks Bob for all that complicated (to me) mathematics.
I was interested to see that 1331 + 39 + 1331 = 2701 the gematria of Gen1:1.
As you say 1331 = 11x11x11 and we know that the Illuminati has been known to highly favour the number 11.
So, to have 1331 repeated in the Gen1:1 gematria is most interesting.
Then, to have it sandwich 39 in the middle is even more interesting, 39 being 13+13+13.
And 1331 is 13 both forwards and backwards.
So the Gen 1:1 gematria can be formulated using particularly interesting formulas that use, in triplicate,
two of the Illuminati's most significantly used numbers, 11 and 13. And with the 13 triple either side of
the 11 triple. How strange.
Add to that the fact that Gen 1:1 chapter and verse number is perfectly symmetrical and actually is 1:1:1
and that the 11/13/11 formula for 2701 is also perfectly symmetrical. Also, when the digits of 2701 are added
we get 10 and if we remove the zero we only have the 1 left.
So, looking at the book, chapter, verse, gematria (reduced by adding the digits and removing the zero) we get 1:1:1:1
Keep looking up,