Penny Walker (28 Oct 2011)
"first rapture dream"

A little background info .. 
Some years ago I was unequally yoked in marriage,
I was feeling a desire to really get back my relationship with the Lord as I felt I had fallen away some what.
I tried all ways to get my husband to see what I could see that nothing mattered but Jesus, but he was totally uninterested,
he would walk out of the room, ignore me all the usual things when I attempted to talk of Jesus in any way,
he was even rude and quite nasty at times.
This went on a long time and I was really really struggling, I kept pleading with God, to be honest looking back now I was not acting in faith I was trying to "make" my husband believe. 
I gave up I told the Lord I couldn't cope with my husband anymore I was very emotional and gave him over to God to sort out... I let go and let God but I didnt realise that at the time.
During this time of self searching I saw an advert for a Christian course, so I rang the number and left a message.
God works in mighty ways, a day or so later the pastor returned my call, I was out but my hubby took the message ... yes there was a place for me and did hubby want to come too!!
Praise the Lord yes he did come with me and now is saved and baptised. We are very different in our walk but I trust hes the Lords to deal with now.
Around this time I had my first rapture dream, this still amazes me, if you knew how miraculous the circumstances are of us still owning the home the dream took place in.
I believe the Lord gave me this dream as proof everything would turn out ok, for after this life for us as a family turned upside down,
I lived a nightmare for a long time, my husband was very ill and in hospital 6 months, I saw him dead but God was so good and allowed us more time together,
thank the Lord he is still with us, many more trials continued and even continue to this day but we press on....
In the dream suddenly I was stood with my husband and two children at the back of our home,
I think we were alerted by the shofar, we were stood side by side not talking, as we began to walk out of the house
into the small narrow lane behind the house, I looked to my left and next to me stood a tall very masculine angel.
He was at least 7 feet tall, he was very pale skinned even transclucent white, he looked basically human but different...
He had longish shoulder length hair, again white but not plain white, he also wore white, a white suit and even a white tie !!
I know not what I expected either, I smiled at him but he showed no expressions or emotions, as if he was on duty,
I think I might have said thank you as he seemed to be guiding us out without actually saying anything.  
One significant point I remember thinking the angel looked like he had been really busy to be honest I felt like he
had been in some sort of battle.
As we walked out I saw Jesus in the sky He was right there in the clouds, His arms outstretched welcoming us to Him,
He wore a long white robe with a wide sash around his waist. It was so real, His love was so obvious.
At this point I started viewing as if watching a film, I could see the four of us standing and remember thinking "one of us shouldnt be here"
as if it was a miracle that we were indeed stood there a family unit, now with hind sight I know it was a miracle in many ways. 
As I watched the other three began to rise and I started to panic thinking I was going to get left but then I too began to rise.
Please dont tell me angels are not mentioned in the rapture and that they only accompany Jesus at His return.
When I posted this dream years ago when I first had it I was extremely deflated by peoples comments.