Penny Walker (27 Oct 2011)
"end time dream"

A dream the morning of 7th October eve of Yom Kippur between 6-6.30 am uk time for your discernment.
The Lord has given me dreams over the years which are different and so vivid unlike my normal dreams, but this was so real,
it had a huge impact on me. It was intense and therefore extremely difficult to articulate.
My two children and myself seemed to be inside a shopping area (mall) very quiet no one was around,
we saw beautiful cut flowers strewn over the floor, long white lillies and other exotic long stem flowers.
I felt hurt they had just been left on the floor to be trampled so we began collecting them up for the flower vendor who then appeared,
he seemed to accept the fact they were being trodden down, a little defeated as if he was used to this happening
he said "people dont care anymore".
We stayed a while in this area and seemed to play with older fashioned basic little toys.
One thing about this area is I noticed we had a small green cabin case on wheels with us, which we kept moving along with us.
A couple passed us also pulling a small similar type case but they wandered off. We walked to a cake stall, none of us fancied any so we didnt buy.
The scene changed and we were in a bedroom, I remember thinking they must have left quickly as the bed was unmade.
Now the room could possibly have been my bedroom from a negative perspective but I am not 100% sure.
This is were things are a little odd a lot odd actually, the room began to tilt and we felt we were spinning, but not like on a fairground ride,
it felt like the whole world was moving but not as normal.
My little girl 12yrs started searching for a way out of a draped window but I knew we needed to go now, there was a sense of urgency.
Instantly a door way opened in the wall, this was not floor level but about 3 feet off the ground, all that could be seen through
this door was beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
The scene changed again and we were back in the mall hurrying out of it I presume,
suddenly this wonderous feeling came over me and my arms raised automatically in the air in praise and worship, we began to rise but as we did were
scooped into a vehicle just like a ski lift does and carried off, we seemed to be carried through the streets in this vehicle, 
I could see people walking in the streets and I was amazed they weren't also travelling, they seemed oblivious.
I remember thinking why aren,t they coming??  ... I wanted to scream to them "cant you see whats happening".
I have no idea what we were travelling in but it was fast. My eyes then focused on the bigger picture, it was dark, in the distance
I could see a huge chimney with smoke coming from the top, this could have been a volcano? from one area I could see small bright white lights
shooting off heavenward, they stood out against the dark gloominess. This felt industrial, a town/city scape.
Our driver then said where shall we go?? I never saw the driver but even in the dream remember thinking YOU dont know where we are going??
I said to go toward the bright lights.
We get to where the lights were leaving earth, this whole dream was beyond vivid, the emotions, the sights, it felt so real but this final part was so intense.
At this point I think of my mum and try to phone her but nothing, I keep trying.
We get out of the vehicle and walk into an very large area through a short tunnel as if going into a sports stadium,
its dark but we can see, the air is heavy, thick!
The noise was something I dont think I can describe, it was like an old engine boom boom boom from deep within the earth, but it felt sort of alive like a mechanical heart beat.
(What came to mind on waking was the book Pandemoniums engine although I have never read it)
this noise is constant in the background and its so eerily dark, people are everywhere but theres no panic it seems a collection area of some sort.
Lots of vehicles and people getting into vehicle.
We get guided to a vehicle a type of land rover/postal van in bright red, three seats wide, my daughter jumps in the drivers seat and I say no thats for the driver
move over your brother can sit on my knee, he's 10 and bigger than his sis lol. She doesn't move.
There are other people already in the back of this vehicle with there backs to us, I try to phone my mum again,
I ask my daughter for her iphone but nothing, then a lady in the vehicle says my mum is on the phone but its as if shes on speaker phone ...
shes panicking asking where we are, she seems scared she says everythings gone mad, but just as quick as the call came she was gone,
oh my my heart was pounding even in the dream, she was cut of by another noise the sound of m*****s shouting for their god,
the airways were just full of m****m voices, shouting, chanting, they had taken over the airwaves,
on my phone screen was a written language I didnt know but would say it looked arabic, and a man praising a***h over and over.
Sorry I cant describe how it felt, it was as if evil had taken over the world.
Suddenly I remember we forgot the suitcase and then think "no leave it for someone else we don't need it any more!"
a tallish very human looking slender man is stood next to the vehicle door, he was very distinguished looking, short grey haired, clean shaven.
how I would visualise a mature high ranking officer in the army. He wore a uniform but it was strange it had lots of buckles down the front of the jacket maybe 5 or so.
I asked him "where are we going"
His reply in a perfectly spoken english accent "You mean they didn't tell you"
I must have understood in my dream what he meant as my right arm shot in the air as if in victory and I shouted "yes"
Praying for God inspired interpretation.
much love in Christ Jesus,