Penny Walker (27 Oct 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
I must say this first, I am writing these dreams and visions up for the glory of God and my desire to be obedient and faithful,
my flesh however desires not to!
If they are of no interest to you please just pass on by, I most definately will not be offended.
I am a very long time watcher maybe some would say lurker.
In all the years I have been a cheer leader for the doves, happily singing the praises of this site and cheering the real brains along,
I have posted probably less than a handful of times, the reason I very very seldom post is I feel I am a tiny tiny piece of the big bride puzzle,
however some here are big vital pieces who say things much better than I can and have wisdom and knowledge way over my head.
Hopefully that maybe gives a little credence to the urgency in my spirit to run and not delay.
My truly heartfelt thanks to you John and your family, what a blessing you have been.
Fellow watchers here, we have seen people come and go some to fresh pastures some into the arms of Jesus.
Thank you all so much, I dont want to name names but some of you thrill me with your words of knowledge,
I log on hoping you will have posted some jewel of wisdom from the Lord.
I pray Jesus will come soon, that we all here will be accounted worthy and get the chance to sit together at the Lords feet
and see just how badly we did interpreting His Word and all the wonderful signs He sent us!!  lol