Penny Walker (24 Oct 2011)
"a short vision"

Hi John and faithful Doves,
While driving a couple of weeks ago I had a short vision, I was encouraged to post after reading Bob Wares post.
It was simply like two frames of pictures.
The first was of a very mature grey haired Jewish man, very clearly Jewish beard and all.
He wore black clothing and a wide brimmed black hat.
He stood over two younger males who I assume where seated, they appeared to be 17-20 years old not 100%
certain on age.
The first male had his back to me while the older Jewish man examined his head, the youth did not have any
head covering, his hair was very short and mosey brown colour.
The second youth again had no head covering but had longer curly dark hair, he looked more like I imagine a jew to look,
this youth turned and he was lovely, happy, innocent, really traditionally Jewish looking.
The feel of this vision was the older male was looking for a sign/mark on these boys/young mens heads.
I knew they were in Israel probably Jerusalem.
Instantly the next frame of the vision appeared, it was simply a door frame in the heavens, no door just a frame
and Jesus was stood at the far side of the frame and this side of the frame stood His bride.
Jesus held out his hand and the bride held out her hand and they held hands through this doorway.
I could see this clearly as the door frame was such a simple thing it did not obstruct the view.
The vision was so so beautiful, yes Jesus looked awesome, but His eyes were totally on His Bride, He obviously adored
her. The love and adoration I felt He was displaying was incredible over powering actually.
He was so gentle with His bride as He held her hand and waited for her to step through the doorway.
The bride was beautiful, she looked stunning, elegant, dignified, but what I felt was her humility, her innocence, her purity of heart.
Her love for her Groom was evident, but her inner beauty was what I felt was so appealing to Jesus.
I felt she was over awed about stepping over the threshhold, she was tentative, nervous but excited.
The Groom was encouraging her so sweetly.
Our BrideGroom is such a gentleman, oh I love Him so much, never mind these fiction films or books about the prince or
knight in shining armour sweeping the maiden off her feet, they have nothing on Jesus, He is every hero we
could ever imagine plus plus plus plus plus plus!