Penny Castro (17 Oct 2011)
"Osiris and the Canary Islands"

Five Doves,
Here's the summary of the Word my husband received on March 31st ...

Hi John,
On March 31, 2011 my husband was awakened by a spoken word. The word was "idom" (not idiom or Edom), and he was absolutely sure of it's spelling. We got on the internet to see what we could learn. Come to find out it's the name of an international company that manufactures an instrument called "Osiris".  This instrument is used in large observatory telescopes.  Here's the link to the original press announcement on their website (scroll down to Jan 2011).
This caught our attention because of our interest in what is coming upon the earth in the near future, and we wondered if this instrument might be used to view things like a dark star, or whatever Nibiru is.  This "Osiris" instrument is located in several observatories, including one in the Canary Islands.
There's also one at Ohio State University ... imagine my surprise to see the Egyptian hieroglyph, the one Jonathan Kleck has revealed so much about, prominently displayed on the OSU Website!
In light of  Dr. Owuor's prophecy and with so much going on in the Canary Islands right now, I wanted to share this "Osiris" connection with you. We're hoping you and/or Jonathan might have some further insight.
Looking up,
Penny Castro