Paul Wilson (31 Oct 2011)
"RE: Feelings"

I too am sick of this world and the temptations, sins, and demons in it. I hate this world I would much rather be raptured alive but would be all too willing to lay down my life for Christ if that were to happen first. I feel depressed at still being here and almost ready to cry. I keep thinking and listening to the song “I’ll be home for Christmas” pray this year I will. My birthday is Nov 26th this year – a Saturday. I was born on a Saturday. I hope this year I can celebrate my birthday in heaven. The only gift I want is the rapture and I would really like to open it early. I hope we are in heaven then if so you are all invited to a birthday BBQ. (yes I will grill to order even though I prefer just barely well done).
You mention that health class in NY. The stuff that must be taught to kids these days is one of the reasons I decided not to become a teacher I just wouldn’t be able to bring myself to teach them such wickedness. Even though I would be in elementary some is already taught there and more will be soon. (God help us the day they start teaching primary students various positions[God would surely, and rightfully, rain down fire on the whole nation]) I will wait till the MK and used the gift God gave me to be a teacher then.
This quote is truer now then ever. "we are surrounded by signs and portents and I feel a darkness pressing at our backs"
Give us the rapture Lord and Israel's salvation and do what you will with rest of the world I don’t care anymore.
Nicole (29 Oct 2011)

Lately I do not care about this world anymore.   I mean my husband bought me three pairs of new shoes, and they did not give me the excitement they did like they would have 4 years ago.   I am thankful for things and praise God for them, but I am not "feening" for new things.

I have also been feeling lately and telling Jesus if He does not rapture me, then let me be a martyr now.   I would rather die right away then to go on and on and on and on and on watching wickedness and filth being taught to children, foul language, and being tossed filth at every direction with magazines and television in your face.   Seriously, I am sick of the wickedness, so much so that I would rather be a martyr now.   I have witnessed and prayed, written things, shared and lost everything to follow Jesus.   I really do not have anything left to give but my physical life.   So if anyone else feels this way, then Jesus must be on His way.

The Bride understands all that is being planned, and we know when the NWO is going to be started, we understand what aliens really are, we know what the mark is, we understand what and who the antichrist is, and we have warned everyone.   I know that people say that the rapture needs to be put off so others can get saved.   But the thing is that they have had a choice and warnings for a VERY long time and are ignoring them.   If the Lord waits too long to take the Bride out, then the Bride will start to be contaminated and He is not going to let that happen especially with what they want to teach the children in Health Class in New York in the Spring 2012.    So with that, if people want to get on the Ark, then they need to know that the ship has to leave!   It cannot sit in the harbor during the tribulation!   Because then the Ark is going to be attacked! 

Also, I have this exceptionally awesome feeling about Christmas and I do not know why.   All of a sudden feelings from when I was a kid is coming over me....sitting with my grandparents, drinking hot cocoa, the fireplace, eating chocolate chip cookies, going to midnight candle light church service.   Hmm, I think that the Lord is reminding me of how everyday in Heaven will be like times 1,000,000 and to keep the faith, eternity is around the corner.