Paul Wilson (29 Oct 2011)
"RE: Personal Health all Doves who know about these"

not sure. do you think God has performed the miracle of the first pregnant man???  tastes are always different then.
Randy (28 Oct 2011)
"Personal Health all Doves who "know" about these"

OK......for about 4 months now, something has changed in me.  SMELLS!
My sense of smell is OFF.  And some TASTES, too.
I first knew it when my cologne started to smell BAD to me.......
And food (not all) seems to be way to say it is: Some food, especially fried stuff, smells like burnt bacon??  
(My mom tells me she had to stop wearing her perfume in her 60's, I'm 57.  She said it smelled like vinigar to her.)
As for TASTES.....
1) I used to LOVE Mountain Dew soda.  NOW, it tastes OFF as well....and
2) Had shrimp cocktail last week, with Cocktail sauce.....and the taste was just horrible.  the shrimp were ok, seemed like it was the cocktail I opened a NEW bottle......same bad taste, to me.  I had steamed shrimp as well, in a butter sauce, and they were fine..... 
I have had NO head injuries of any sort.......ever.  I do NOT have any headaches.....
My sugar levels have always been OK....last glucose test was with my annual physical back in January.
My doctor said, 2 weeks ago when I was in for just having a cold....."it's your sinuses..."  and said don't worry about it.
(didn't ask about the taste changes....)
Well, I am NOT worried about's just wierd!!!
Someone else suggested that a person's tastes do change in when you were a little kid, there were tastes we didn't like, but grew to like them later on.....
Any thoughts???
PS......a post yesterday suggested, on a different topic, that she would PUT OFF having some wisdom teeth pulled....or filled....until after 11/11/ case the Rapture happens, and it just ins't necessary..."  My answer.....NEVEr PUT OFF Dental and Medical issues........  you should have it done as required.  .