Paul Wilson (27 Oct 2011)
"Shabbath Restictions"

would Sabbath restrictions be in place in the MK??? the highlighted are ones I especially wonder about as they have to do with cooking or preparing a meal, running a washing machine, using light bulbs, or any electricity, putting your shoes on and taking them off (not sure if that would violate 21&22), driving, repairing something that broke or fixing a tear in clothing, using the phone, using any appliance, combing, shaving, swimming, ringing out wet cloths, removing a stain, touching a animal(pet), opening a kleenex box, touching things used to do the forbidden things(touch or move a pencil or hammer),etc. some of the prohibitions seem odd.

They found 39 categories of forbidden acts, all of which are types of work that were needed to build the sanctuary:

  1. Sowing
  2. Plowing
  3. Reaping
  4. Binding sheaves
  5. Threshing
  6. Winnowing
  7. Selecting
  8. Grinding
  9. Sifting
  10. Kneading
  11. Baking
  12. Shearing wool
  13. Washing wool
  14. Beating wool
  15. Dyeing wool
  16. Spinning
  17. Weaving
  18. Making two loops
  19. Weaving two threads
  20. Separating two threads
  21. Tying
  22. Untying
  23. Sewing two stitches
  24. Tearing
  25. Trapping
  26. Slaughtering
  27. Flaying
  28. Salting meat
  29. Curing hide
  30. Scraping hide
  31. Cutting hide up
  32. Writing two letters
  33. Erasing two letters
  34. Building
  35. Tearing a building down
  36. Extinguishing a fire
  37. Kindling a fire
  38. Hitting with a hammer
  39. Taking an object from the private domain to the public, or transporting an object in the public domain.