Paul Wilson (27 Oct 2011)
"RE: Nicole re attacks on Christians re Obama etc"

the link was incorrectly hyperlinked. just copy and past it and you will be fine.
Frank R Molver (26 Oct 2011)
"Nicole re attacks on Christians re Obama etc"
I would have to agree
Recently I had to take down an email account because of an attack that had some virus that attacked people on my email list with perverted stuff.
I know it was to make me look like a hypocrite in my  faith
This what we should expect and even though it might be inconvenient we have to tighten up our communication and trim our email list
My Gmail account seems pretty good so far
BTW your link to the Obama article was blocked
Do you have another?
Just wondering why people pop out of the woodwork to say that Obama is not the antichrist....when clearly the Lord has revealed it to people in dreams, visions, the Bible code, etc. The place where Obama's name in the Bible Code appears is REVELATION 13:1.

Anyways, I do not think that rapture forums is a place to argue whether or not you believe in the rapture, who the antichrist is or is not, etc. Either you believe or you don't. But not to come on the forum and call people silly and tell us to read our Bibles. Clearly, that is what we have been doing 3 hours a day for years. As well as fasting, praying, ridding our homes of anything questionable the Lord asks, ministering, praying, and making videos and Bible studies, attending church and worshiping the Lord. Anyways, those that seek the Lord with their heart and soul, He reveals things to and you cannot contain Jesus in a box. He is going to share things with people and that the son of perdition has been revealed.

Clearly, the owner of this forum has his studies posted that Obama is the one and I was led here. I had the Lord tell me the day that Obama won the election that "and they too shall worship the antichrist for they were deceived." At that moment I knew it was him and I got a cold fearful chill down my spine. While everyone was crying and dancing Obama was elected I saw the face of Hitler and their hands going up to follow him blindly. That was the moment that my whole world changed and I was thrust into a mighty supernatural realm of God. Remember, Obama is still a man, and has not had the fullness of his supernatural reign come in like Hitler. Hitler rose to power after a currency failure, hyperinflation, and the fact that Germany owed the USA so much money they could not pay. In most societies of the past, a country that was the debtor that could not pay would become a military might and then strike. America's currency is failing and the price of gold is substantial and we owe China so much money as well.