Paul Wilson (25 Oct 2011)
"For kristy"

would love to talk with you sometime please email me.
Paul Wilson
I just woke up at 4:30 am this morning from having a profound dream. So I am posting it now while it is still fresh in my memory. Just a bit of info before I explain the dream so it will be understood why I had it. I have been asking the Lord to please give me a dream or vision experience to have a visit encounter with my nephew and mother. They both passed away in April 2011 three weeks apart. They were saved. My mother from health issues of old age, my 21 yr. old nephew from accidentle drug overdose. I have had some dreams of him, but not actually seeing him face to face. Just dreams of hearing him talk to me saying he was sorry about how he passed, and the rapture was going to happen sooner than I thought and then seeing a number 17 on a white calendar. is the dream. I was standing behind a car near the trunk area and it was open. One of my brother's was standing to my right and we were talking. It was all pure mental communication...just talk being exchanged back and forth quickly. We were reflecting how sad it was that Mat and mom were gone. Then he said, "Mathew is not dead, I was with him yesterday." At the same time, this is strange to explain, my older brother was in the dream and something relating to him just being with my nephew had also happened. But then I was just getting pure awareness like my nephew was pouring knowledge to me that he was aware he would have gone to jail if he stayed, so he decided to stay in heaven instead. In real life he had motor vehicle offences facing him that would have put him in jail within a couple of weeks before he passed for 1-3 years if he had lived. I felt his presence strongly, but did not see him. I just knew he decided to stay private for now and needed that time to rest. Then I saw a river. I was on one side and I saw a couple of other family members go into it and come out of the water on my side. One person was my sister-in-law who is saved. The other was her daughter, who is Mat's step sister. In the dream I was having sad and curious thoughts of why my brother just got to see my nephew and and I didn't. When I woke up I just understood why. In my spirit the small dreams are preparing me for more to come. I have felt my nephew sending his love to me when I am awake and that he misses all of his family. I knew when I woke up the rapture will happen soon and God is preparing me in dreams for a reunion with my loved ones soon. I am so glad we have eternal life and my nephew is now experiencing that and I will too when I go to heaven. Hearing my brother say in the dream Mat is not dead is flooding my emotions right now with confidence of how real heaven is and how much the Lord loves us. The yearning to be with loved ones all reunited in heaven will be a loved-filled emotional event. I hope for more dreams and can't wait to see my family members that are with Jesus already. Just wanted to encourage everyone reading this that our prayers are listened to by the Lord and He does answer in His own way. God Bless, Jan