Paul Wilson (18 Oct 2011)
"Two Holocausts - One Open, One Hidden"

Sad state of human affairs.
In one corner we have abortion which claims 50 million children a year globally. Extracted out since 1960 with a average of 30 mil per year (less in the beginning more in the later years) we have 1.5 Billion killed in 50 years time. Using 35 mil per year we have 1.75 Billion (some estimates I have seen are 2 Billion) and that doesn’t count the illegal ones, the morning after pill and the contraceptive ones (which can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting thus killing it) or the ones not recorded as abortions (in Europe some countries when you miss your period simply do a D&C and scrape out the womb but they don't do a pregnancy test first so they don’t record it as a abortion thus the European abortion numbers are skewed lower than they really are). In America it is 52 mil in 38 years.
In the other corner we have IVF treatments which create many lives but few births comparatively. In Britain recently they found that in just the past 20 years 3.1 mil children, embryos they are called, have been created through IVF but only 94,000 births and of the remaining only 746,000 were frozen meaning most were killed. That is 1 birth for ever 33 children created and of the remaining 32 only 4 are frozen leaving 28 to die. About 4 million worldwide have been born through IVF using the same ratio you find that 132 million children were created 16 million were frozen leaving 112 million dead. Even if we take 21 created for every one born and 25% frozen we still have 60 million dead. Not all of the frozen can be born about 33% will be able to be born that is 13.33 million dead. Even with 50% being used that is still 10 million dead from just the frozen. Using the Britain numbers it would be 8-10.67 mil of the frozen dead. So from this we have 70-122.67 million dead from IVF.
America and the world take blind comfort in the belief that the Nazis were monsters and that we could never do what they did. In the 6 years of WWII between 11-26 million people, Jews and non-Jews, were killed by the Nazis. In the past 50 years we have killed through abortion and IVF discarding 1.57-1.873 Billion children. That is at least 60 times and up to 170 times as many (up to 193 time with the 2 Bil number) in only 8.25 time as long. Even here in “Christian” America we have killed 52 million which is between 2 and 4.72 times as many in only 6.33 times as long.
Couldn’t do what they did??? Not like them??? I have news for you – we, America and the world (the non-true Christians people therein), have BECOME them. The fourth Reich is here and is a global Reich. Not even America is immune from it. God Help Us.