Paul Wilson (15 Oct 2011)
"for Patti RE: Standing in need of Prayer"

Are you able to collect social security?? even if not full it would be something. Any pensions from previous jobs???
Also maybe SSI with his health problems he might qualify.
With the Christmas season coming you might try seasonal work it can lead to permanent work. Wal-Mart is a great choice and libraries are good too.
Only other 2 things I can think of is borrow against/cash in any life insurance or get a loan with your house as collateral (2nd mortgage).
Patti Webber (14 Oct 2011)
"Standing in need of Prayer"

Dear Doves,


I hate to ask but my husband and I need prayer right now.  I know I don’t write much but I’m here every day, often, to learn and be blessed.


Anyway, my husband John and I were on unemployment and it ran out the first of September and we have no jobs.  We’re both in our sixties and no one will hire us.  Could you all please pray for us.  I especially need a job, not sure if John can work with his health.


Please pray for us to get a job or some kind of income, or be raptured.  We’re down to our last and the bills are due.


Sorry to whine, but I do believe in the prayers of the Saints.



Patti Webber