Paul Wilson (13 Oct 2011)
"Rapture birth"

Could the rapture be “born” this Fri or Sun??? The first term day or if the Simpsons episode with that clock has any meaning could it be on 11/6 the standard 38 week term from starting point two???

Paul Wilson (4 Oct 2011)
"VERY interesting"

There was a earthquake in Chile near Concepcion on Feb 11th at 20 hrs UTC aka Greenwich mean time. Ten days later there was the Christchurch earthquake in NZ. I have been checking and ten days is in the range for implantation after fertilization/conception. 38 weeks (from conception) is a average time for birth but it could be considered term 35 to 40 weeks past conception( (gestation age is about 2 weeks at conception). In the 17th week the quickening happens and interestingly enough 17 weeks after the Feb Chile earthquake a SECOND earthquake hits in NZ.

35 weeks would be OCT 14 or Tishri 15 the start of Tabernacles 36 weeks from the Chile quake is OCT 21st which according the the moon sighting on Sept 29th would be the last great day of tabernacles. The 4th of Nov would be 38 weeks and the 18th of Nov (8 days before my 34th birthday) is 40 weeks. Now I am NOT predicting anything but I just thought this was interesting and thought I would point it out.
There was a perfect 6.0 (exact number of man no point something) in the same Chile region 2 days later so that would only mean that the implantation would be 8 days, which is in the norm, the quickening would still be on time and 35 weeks would be OCT 16th, 36 weeks would be the 23rd of OCT and 38 weeks would be the 6th of Nov and 40 weeks would be the 20th of Nov. I mention this because it occurred 6 weeks after a Jan quake in Chile which would be 4 weeks for a menstrual cycle and 2 gestation weeks till conception.

Amy VanGerpen (3 Oct 2011)
"Facebook Newsfeed"

Howdy Doves,

I've been maintaining a prophecy news feed on a community Facebook page for a while now to supplement my "Birthpang Tracker" on my webpage.
I do not believe that you have to have a Facebook account to view it.  For those interested, here is the link:

Amy Van Gerpen