Patricia S (6 Oct 2011)
"Rapture on a Sunday - the day given to the church as a celebration day"

I was thinking a couple of days ago about the Jewish Feasts and about the very important Jesus Celebrations that we Christians (the church) have that are during these feasts, days within days.  Ah God is soooooooo good.
Most of our Celebrations are on Sundays.
!.  Palm Sunday
2. Resurrection Sunday
3. Pentacost
This year even Christmas Day is on a Sunday
I believe Sunday is a very special day, the 8th day (8 meaning new beginnings), this day has seperated us from the Jewish religion to some extent.  I dont believe this seperation was by an accident or evil intent, Paul called it the Lords Day.
We have a very special Sunday approaching, this is October 16, Tishri 17.  October 16 is the day that Elenin comes closest to the earth - could it be that Elenin is Jesus????  The name Elenin if broken down means El = God, en = water, fountain - our Living Water coming for us?? Was that just a coincidence???
October 16, Tishri 17 (17 meaning victory) is also a very significant day, its the day that the Ark came to rest on Mt Ararat - WOW!!!!
Also this Tishri 17 is the THIRD day of Tabernacles Triple WOW!!!!!!!!!!!  Sunday is the day God gave the church.
Bless you all as we wait patiently for our Lord.


This will never happen again until the year 3009.  1,000 years later

Why is this important?

It's not.  Just thought you should know.

Patricia Seeley
Thanks for sharing, Patricia.
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