Ola Ilori (26 Oct 2011)

Hi Nicole,
There are so many Christians in this very late hour that don't have the perception that Obama is indeed the Antichrist foretold in Scripture.
It means they have not developed the perception to see him as he really is.
This is not a save place to be in these last days.
For it means they are more likely to embrace what they should reject and reject what they should embrace.
This is what happened when the Messiah was revealed to the Jewish people in 30 AD.
The Saducees and Pharisees thought they new the Torah inside out. Surely when the Messiah comes they should be the ones to reveal Him to the people.
So they thought - how wrong they were!
When the Lord appeared amongst them, they rejected and crucified Him.
And yet it was the poor, the uneducated, the harlots and the sinners that accepted Him as their Messiah!
And so it is today, millions of Christians in America accepted Obama with open arms. Many Pastors got their congregations to vote for him - they had know perception of who he is!
They are going to pay a very heavy price for betraying our Lord and God, Jesus Christ!
And yet, just like in 30 AD, it's the "uneducated", the poor and the repentant sinners , who are sounding the alarm on who Obama really is!
Is anybody listening? I'm afraid not.
By the time the World realises who Obama really is, it will be too late.
The rapture would have happened and the Great Tribulation would have begun!