Nando (8 Oct 2011)
"Confirmation of the Apocalypse"


Oct 7, 2011 Confirmation of the Apocalypse

This post is to tell you the reader what happened in a short car trip at 6 PM today. In the trip I had seen four or five cars plates when I saw one starting in 677 —. The 77 is the plates Jesus and I communicate with.

Just after this plate a car or two after a new van goes by me with the plates starting in 999 —, this number means the end and if you go back to the beginning of this block in May of 2008 you will see that I was prodded to start writing the blog after seeing a series of 999 and Jesus confirming it meant the end. That plate that started it all was 999 GOD which is a highly unusual one to say the least.

We kept  going in a different direction by turning right and at the first red light there was a car with the plate 066 — which in this case means the 66th book of the bible or the book of Apocalypse.

The confirmation of the date was not given but in June I had a series of five plates with the number 766 on them which meant on the seventh month. There were two possibilities to the 7th month, one is July by our calendar, the other is the month of Tishri by the Jewish calendar. Obviously the month of July is out so Tishri was the message. Tishri goes from Sept 29 to October 28.


PS I had been troubled in spirit about the start of the Apocalypse and before the car trip I voice my request for confirmation in my mind, leaving it up to him for the manner to the communication.

You now have the same data that I got and you can interpret it as you may think.