MJ (8 Oct 2011)
"To AR re: your answer to my Oct 3 Post"

Greetings AR,
I just want to thank you for reading my dream post and taking the time to comment on its meaning.  Your interpretations were insightful and they also encouraged me, in that you think that it was a 'telliing' dream.  To realize that the Lord would share His thoughts with me is a very humbling experience.  Although I didn't feel that my dream was as important as most Dove dreams/posts are, I felt compelled to post it.
I have copied your response to my dream, and I will continue to study and meditate on the dream and also on your comments. Thank you again and a thank you to all the Doves that share so many amazing articles regarding the Lord and His soon return.  You are a wonderful group of Christians and John is a faithful servant.