MJ (6 Oct 2011)
"Re:  M. Colunga's response to Surprising Dream--posted by MJ"

Dear Michael,
Thank you for giving me your interpretation to part of my dream.  I called it a surprising dream because I really couldn't understand what it could mean. I have had several supernatural dreams from God since I became a Christian, but they are usually much clearer in meaning.  The golden words appearing in that dream made no sense to me. So again, thank you for taking your time to respond and your interpretation is meaningful to me.
I was hesitant to submit it to the Doves because I am in awe of all the important end times information that is shared and my dream certainly was not earth-shaking -  but I truly felt that I should post it.
I have learned so much here.  I watch and wait for the Lord everyday.
Maranatha, MJ