MJ (3 Oct 2011)
"A Surprising Dream"

Dear John,
 I read your 5Doves letters almost everday, and have learned so much, so thank you for your dedication.  I have never posted anything, but I had a surprising dream last night and I really feel I need to share it with you and all the Doves.  I think it probbly has deeper meanings than it seems to me on the surface, but even the surface meaning is pretty obviious.  Perhaps you will post this.  (I hope I am correct in making this request to you in this manner).   
In my dream last night I did not see God, but I knew He was speaking to me and He gave me four distinct messages:  He said:
1)  "I never intended life on earth to be the way it is today".
2)  "The world will never go back to the way it was 50 years ago".
3)  "The Green Movement will eventually ruin the world's economy".
 And then the last part of the dream 4) was like a movie and scrolling down a screen printed in gold letters were words like  'disposable  diapers', 'plastic bottles', ' paper plates', and the list went on and on.  The only thing that I can say about that list of words was  that  they were all disposable items that we throw away  after we use them.
That was my dream.   For some reason I felt led to share this with all of you.  I thought it was an extremely odd dream.  Thank you for reading it.  Perhaps it will have a definite meaning to someone out there.
Maranatha, MJ