Mercer (4 Oct 2011)
"1948 Why is it so important?"


Greetings Doves,
Do you remember last winter I posted my research on the spacing of the * Tetrads" since the birth of Christ? I counted the years between the tetrads and found 1948. I posted this on Doves in Feb.



God chose the year 1948 for Israel to be reborn for a reason. Add 70 years, as many of you have and we get 2018. Numbers are important to God
And counting from 70 AD to 2018 is 1948 years!
1+9=10  10 is the number of His perfect Law
4+8=12   12 is the number of His perfect government as in the 12 apostles.
10+12=22  22 is the number of revelation. There are 22 chapters in the book of Revelation  but 21 verses. And jesus returns in Revelation He is the number 22-The revelation of Jesus Christ
It sure seems to me that God used the moon and sun for signs and seasons. That those tetrads would fall on the Jewish feasts. And the last one in 2014-2015. So in these 8 tetrads God gave us a "Revelation". I believe the revelation is that the Tetrad below is the start of the Great Tribulation/wrath
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Satan counterfeits God's numbers and the Illuminati love to use those numbers to do their dastardly deeds such as 9-11. And I would not be surprised if they pick 11-11-11. November 11, 2011 for a big big show. Remember the 33 degree ed masons.
11+11+11=33!!. 33 is an occult number that indicates sin. Jesus became sin for us when he was 33 years old.
This date is very intriguing.
11+11= 22. The number of Revelation, revealing. What is it revealing? 33 the sin number.
Could the evil one / ones be planning something so horrible that millions are killed and then RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT...HE SNATCHES HIS BRIDE? 

May I recommend Pastor Hoggard's teaching on 9-11