Mercer (31 Oct 2011)
"20 reasons why 11-9-11 could be the real 9-11"


I am beginning to think that 11-9-11 has meaning for us believers as does 11-11-11
here is an interesting video I got off of "Before it's News" website.
The part about the movie "Deep Impact" got me. I know the illuminati own the movie industry and often tell us what they have coming ahead of time. Then theres that Illuminat card game that came out in the 90's. Incase you don't know about it click here jNOtTpPICqrgsQKrqvyFDw,r:10,s:122
Go to the 4:45 minute mark of the above video. Combined disasters with an explosion.....not the clock tower falling and the time being 11:11
We shall soon see what this might mean, if anything.