Mary Anna (25 Oct 2011)
"Dead seals present a mystery for experts"

The discovery of nearly 100 carcasses of young harbor seals over a short period is not considered cause for alarm ­ yet.
By JAY LINDSAY The Associated Press
BOSTON ‹ The first calls came from surfers who were looking for early autumn waves off the New Hampshire coast and found dead harbor seals scattered in the surf and sand.
A seal carcass lies on the sand Sept. 29 at Jenness State Beach in Rye, N.H. Since early September, 94 dead harbor seals have been found from Maine to northern Massachusetts.

The report of about half a dozen carcasses at Jenness Beach in Rye wasn¹t unusual on its own for late September, said Tony LaCasse of the New England Aquarium, which operates a marine animal rescue team.

But the reports kept coming.