Mary Anna (11 Oct 2011)
"Sharon Kaiser (10 Oct 2011) "Mary Anna & Steve Jobs""

Hi Sharon,

   We're on the same page but we're not on the same page.  First of all I said "joyfully stunned" should it be that he had never heard of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and then learn why He was here on earth.  You find it hard to believe?  I don't at all!  You may be surprised too how many people go to church all their lives and don't know of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  You might start with the Catholics, then to any number of Protestant religions.  My dad was a Methodist minister and I was not saved...  I would have gone to hell had I died.  Fortunately I had people praying for me and I was saved after becoming an adult.

   Ok, the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ just wasn't part of me!  When I was saved, I was joyfully stunned myself!  I thought, Oh, so this is what they mean!

   Having worked for years with Ph.D. scientists, it's very hard for them to accept what they can't test or prove.  Just the way it is.  There are many born again scientist but when you find one, you know it!  They are quite content in their own world of science that does not include Jesus Christ.

   Does that make any sense now?  Certainly Steve Jobs knew of Jesus Christ but NOT of HIS salvation.  That's why, when Steve Jobs learns of Jesus Christ and His mission here on earth, why I believe our Loving Merciful God (KNOWING all our hearts), knew Steve would have accepted Christ as his Savior had he known.  Steve Jobs will learn of
Jesus and when Steve realizes who He IS and God chooses not to punish him for what he could not help, he won't be able to help from being Joyfully stunned.  I also said, it comes down to "please don't punish me for what I didn't know" and can add to that, had no way of knowing.  God knowing that to be TRUE, I believe is not a hard task Master!

   He was Buddhist remember and that was all he knew of religion and undoubtedly all he wanted to know.  He was completely absorbed in his Gift God gave him without knowing the Giver because he hadn't been told, I believe.

   I know what you're saying but I also know that our God is UNDERSTANDING and will not punish anyone undeserving.  Everyone is different and treated accordingly I believe.

Mary Anna