Mandie (24 Oct 2011)
"Haven't any of you lovable doves seen these videos???"

Hi there,
I greet you all in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Each and every night, after I have switched on my computer, the very FIRST site I am going to........ is 5 DOVES.  The reason?   It's like a big family-meeting on the net, and where brothers and sisters can share the news of the day, as well as personal testimonies, prayer requests and all kinds of issues.
The fact that we are all from different countries and backgrounds {but all believers in Christ Jesus} makes the site very attractive.  I often find VERY interesting articles, videos, etc. on your web-site.
Thank you John, for a "personal" site where you really feel AT HOME.
I was just wondering........haven't any one of you seen the two videos of rabbi Cahn on Sid Roth's web-site??  You normally pick up something VERY quickly!!!  Is there any reason why
it doesn't appear on your site, John?  I find the videos fascinating and remarkable, and it explains a lot about what is happening after 911.   Don't you think so?
Especially you guys living in America........don't you find it an "eye-opener"?  I just find it strange that I have not read anything about it, seeing it is on most of the Christian web-sites.............
In case you haven't heard about it, just visit :
Love in Christ Jesus to you John, and to all the doves as well.
Thanks, Mandie!