Lynnette (28 Oct 2011)
"Dear Virginia Arnke"


Dear Virginia, You are dear to me. I remember crying out for the Lord's help and He used you.  I needed His words to explain His love to a large number of women living in a homeless shelter in May 2010. Within just minutes of the request,  I opened up a posting of yours where you shared a prophetic word from Mary Clark of Marianna, Florida called " I Love You Lavishly"
 It was God's answer .  I have shared it where God directs ever since! It has been used to bless many- some  male. female, divorced ,  single , married also, unwed mothers. I remember &praise God often for you.You were a significant person in my
(and others) receiving gretaer awareness of His Love. Thank you!

Now I commit to pray for you through this difficult time, as I read of the sad news of your husband's death.   ( ( ( Love & hugs) ) )Lynnette