Lynnette (28 Oct 2011)
"Appreciating so many on Doves"


So many of the posts on Doves are edifying & enriching to me- God works to clean me & shape me & I enjoy Him answering my prayers earlier when I desired to find believers with hearts that are busy occupying & watching until He returns for us.  
This website is a Mighty work of God's hands using John Tng.

So many of you  Doves have my appreciation . I could not descibe the blessing from God  that I find here from you all.

I  ask God to create in me a clean heart while I wait ....all I have to do is ask :)   believing Him.

Earlier this month Vocio Denario shared a post  perfectly timed for me  & was originally dated May 2011 :)  about Psalm 25

and this prophetic word  was written on Feb 19th a special day to me   :) only arrived for me   :)  recently here.

Then I am reminded Jesus' coming was written long ago. His coming for us :)  is as certain.  See you soon,Lynnette