Lynnette (15 Oct 2011)
"El Hierro/ Canary Islands are off Africa"


***El Hierro of the Canary Islands*** a community of Spain off Africa has been in the news- some say 10,000 tremors have to date been recorded--Thoughts circulate that volcano eruption could cause tsunami effecting the US.      Watch for updates & share info.

Not much is reported except through internet--but EVEN  Wikpedia has info on El Hierro 2011 seismic activity

"The (Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands) and National Geographic Institute’s seismic monitoring station located in Valverde detected increase seismic activity beginning on 17 July 2011.[14] The seismic monitoring network was increased in density on July 21 to allow better detection and location of the seismic events.[14] There was an earthquake swarm with in excess of 400 minor tremors between 20 July and 24 July;[14] by 27 July a further 320 earthquakes had been recorded.[15] On 25 August there were reports that some horizontal deformation had been detected, but that there was no unusual vertical deformation.[16] At that time, the total number of tremors had exceeded 4000.[16] By the end of September, the tremors had increased in frequency and intensity, with experts fearing landslides affecting the town of La Frontera, and also a small possibility of a volcanic eruption through a new vent. Emergency services evacuated several families in the areas at most risk, and made plans to evacuate the island if necessary.[17] Between 4.15 and 4.20am on 10 October 2011 the earthquake swarm changed behaviour and produced a harmonic tremor [18]. Harmonic tremor is produced by magma movements and can indicate that an indicate that an eruption has begun." quoted from Wikpedia source   / See you all soon, Lynnette