Luis Vega (10 Oct 2011)
"Yom Kippur & the 40 Day Pattern"

Yom Kippur
The Day of Atonement in Relation to the Church Age & the Rapture
And the Biblical significance of a 40-Day Pattern

By Luis B. Vega

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With the passing of Yom Kippur this year and the soon closing of 2011, it might appear that the Rapture is not to take place this time around –that is IF the Rapture is to fall on or follow a particular Jewish Feast pattern even. Regardless, if the Rapture of the Christian Church, the Bride of Christ does not take place in the window we still have in 2011, then we have to seriously reconsider our timelines and reference points. Nevertheless, the Rapture will happen on the Lord’s schedule as promised in the WORD by the Lord himself and the Apostle Paul. -Matt 25, I Thess 5. ...If not this year then it WILL happen in a year to come in the Future.


One thing is for sure, 2011 has been a unique year prophetically and has truly given the world ‘sign and wonder’ in the heavens and travail on earth. For example, the world economy is being imploded before our very eyes to start the set-up and ushering-in of the Anti-Christ’s electronic chip monetary system -in an attempt to control everything and everyone-soon thereafter as the world paper money will be obsolete because of the crashes to surely come. (Greece, others to follow) Interestingly one of the stipulations for Obama’s comprehensive Healthcare for all Americans, if enacted, would require a micro-chipping all those participants by 2013 or soon thereof; we are that close. We are reading now world headlines –as if from the Bible of the player/nations of the Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 events that are fast coming into focus and lining up with the Arab Spring and current turmoil in Syria. We saw the declaration of the Palestinian State submitted to the UN with the aim of dividing the Land of Israel and its eventual destruction by the Muslims –per the PLO Constitution/Manifesto. (Look it up.)


As many set their hearts and emotions on the Rapture to such speculation and conjecture with possible Feast scenarios, we as Watchers of the Rapture have to be reminded that all these are ‘types and shadow’ but our Reality is in Christ. -Col 2:17 The Word of God, the Bible/Scripture is our authority, nourishment and sustenance. If we deviate from it, we are but deserving to be tossed to-and-fro by every wind of ‘doctrine’ that comes by; our Anchor is Christ. -Acts 2:42 (Scripture, Fellowship, Prayer, Worship). Consider an analogy of a flight ticket boarding pass. How many of us have had a situation where we purchased a airline ticket online but were not given the exact gate number or time of boarding until you got to the airport to check in? We knew the day was coming and at a certain time window for the flight out but it was only after we checked in that our assigned gate, boarding time and seat assignment were given thereafter, no? Same principle here, WE have the Ticket out! We just have to be ready for the call to go to the right gate, board and take off!!! (yes, there are monitors, I know and it depends on your airline! Anyway) :)

We have much to be grateful & hopeful for! What Yom Kippur really portrays is the finished redeeming work of Jesus Christ. He is the fulfillment of the Feast, our High Priest, our Scapegoat. The atonement of the Royal Blood of Jesus Christ covering our sins/debt and the Sealing of the Anointed Holy Spirit indwelling in us as a deposit of the total to yet be given out in Glory! 2 witnesses here, the Water and the Blood. As is states in Hebrews, Christ, our High Priest took off his Royal vestments and stripped down to the robe of a common house servant to wash our sin/filth away, (at the Upper Room –Mark 14:15 event before crucifixion), Christ pierced through from the Glory/Throne to come to Earth as one of us, yet without sin to return and present His own blood -Heb 7:26 as the only and final atonement for sin, He pierced the Veil of Glory where He is at now as High Priest interceding for us during this ’40’ prophetic years of probation and testing of the Church to conclude soon to present us as approved to the Father. Once we are ready, we will be ushered in through the same Veil ourselves into Glory and in the presence of God as the 24 Elders around the Throne, those redeemed out of every nation/language, etc. –Rev 4.


In the meanwhile, IF the Rapture is to follow a Jewish Feast type of pattern, then we can still expect the subsequent Spring & Fall Feasts of 2012 to study and consider; nothing wrong with speculating and looking into these thing as the Apostles instructed us to be ‘Watchers’ to encourage each other with such words as we saw/see ‘that Day’ approaching, (WE ARE SEEING THE DAY APPROACHING!) -of our evacuation from this Earth and God’s Wrath to come. For example, yet, the Feast of Sukkot is a 7 Day long event, could this be then prophetically encoded as that time to come for the Tribulation all along? Consider that the start of the Tribulation, weather it will really be 3.5 or 7 years does not have to immediately happen on the day or right after the Rapture. There might well be a gap of months, or years before it is set to commence! The catalyst will be that ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ by the World Leader with Israel, this is for sure. This time would allow for the construction of the Jewish Temple that many say can’t come into service until 42 months, or 3.5 years pass for purification purposes (Red Heifer). With the ‘Retainer taken out, which I believe to be the Holy Spirit/Church (HS will still be operative on earth, etc) full-on evil will be unhampered and un-checked. With millions ‘gone’, it will be easy for world government to issue Martial Law, decree incarcerations/FEMA Camps, interments, food rations, etc due to food shortages and rampant crime, many will seek a Man with solutions and will gladly take the His Mark/system of money set up to survive in exchange for total allegiance and homage paid to his system only.


As many anticipated the Rapture to have occurred around Rosh HaShana 2011, it is logical to assume that it was based on sound and plausible evidence that many have presented studies over the years on –very compiling evidence and theories; likewise those arguments for the Rapture being on Pentecost and Yom Kippur. Since we are in the midst of this year’s YK celebration/timeline, there have been some studies recently re-introducing the theory that the Rapture CAN NOT possibly occur on Rosh HaShana. This is because of the plain significance and meaning of the Fall Feast as being a time of Repentance. As the type, Christ can not come during this time for the Bride as she is still in the time/season of testing/trial or repentance or as I would say, Sanctification and would not be ‘ready.’ IF the type and shadow of this pattern is considered, it would make sense and thus Rosh HaShana could not now nor in the future correspond to the Rapture of the Church-possibly. That being said:


The purpose of this timeline-chart is to focus exclusively on Yom Kippur as a pivotal point of reference in considering its possible prophetic significance in time & meaning as it relates to a the possible Church Age & Rapture of the Church. This is taken from a Judeo-Christian world point of view. IF the Yom Kippur Jewish Feast or ‘Moed’ (Appointment) of God is aligned to correspond to the physical “Veil/Door” of the Tabernacle of Moses & the numerical values of Days related to the Feast prescribed by the LORD is superimposed onto a timeline, then several peculiarities occur. The chart/timeline will have several layers put together to illustrate several key variables of interest for potential prophetic significance. There appears, if by coincidence several possible unique properties & patterns correlating with the 40 Day-to-Year Pattern, Fall Feasts, Menorah & Church Age. Some elements & variables to be considered will be:


1.A short study on the number 40 will be given as it relates to a time of testing.

2.The entire ‘Church Age" will be plotted as a synopsis of the first 4 Chapters of the Book of Revelation to the Feast period.
3.The Tabernacle of Moses with its exact dimensions will be overlaid with the 40 Prophetic Year Church Age & Yom Kippur feast period.
4.The Fall Jewish Feasts will be superimposed onto both the Church Age & the Tabernacle in direct portion to the Day-to-Year count.
5.The Day-count for the Fall Jewish Feast will be equalized to a Day-for-Year count conversion & plotted out onto the timeline.
6.The 2nd half of the Menorah candlestick is illustrated to correspond with the last 3 Jewish Feast yet unfulfilled prophetically by Christ.

This presentation/short study is not all-inclusive as a theory to detail every possible correlation or pattern as it only goes so far in its application & associations –given the patterns in view. For graphic illustration purposes only; no predictions are made.


Biblical Meaning of 40
‘Number 40 is association with a period of probation, trial, and chastisement—(not judgment, like the number 9, which stands in connection with the punishment of enemies, but the chastisement of sons, and of a covenant people). It is the product of 5 and 8, and points to the action of grace (5), leading to and ending in revival and renewal (8). Forty relates to a period of evident ‘Probation’. But where it relates to enlarged dominion, or to renewed or extended rule, then it does so in virtue of its factors 4 and 10, and in harmony with their signification. There are 15 such periods which appear on the surface of the Scriptures.’

-The Church Age can be condensed into a 40 Day-to-Year span of time pattern corresponding to the Fall Jewish Feast & Tabernacle pattern from Ephesus to Laodicea having 3 Trumpet Blasts witnessed by John at certain point from Rev 1-4.
-The Trumpet blasts are given at the start the timeline with Ephesus, then to Philadelphia and at the end of the Church Age corresponding to the 40 Days of Repentance leading up to Yom Kippur at the Veil of the Tabernacle of Moses.
-The Church of Philadelphia, at the 2nd Trump Blast time-marker is presented as the “Open Door’ before that particular Church to consider –in front of the Tabernacle Veil that corresponds to the Yom Kippur time-marker.
-The ‘Last Trump’ John witnessed corresponds to the ‘Calling Up’ / ‘Rapture’ through the Veil at Yom Kippur when the High Priest pierced the Veil to enter the Holy of Holies to present the Blood & sprinkle that onto the Ark (Mercy Seat).
-The Tabernacle of Moses is superimposed onto the Day-to-Year count and corresponds perfectly to the 30 Day, 40 Day 10 Day and 13 Day intervals of the Jewish Fall Feasts. The Day counts are in direct proportion to the Tabernacle's dimensions.

-The Feast of Yom Kippur’s in particular corresponds with the Veil of the Tabernacle and is the pivotal reference point to the timeline and Day-for-Year counts as it ends the time for working out of the 40 Day ‘Probation, testing/trial period of time.’
-Given this prophetic pattern then, the time between Yom Kippur & Sukkot could correspond to the Bema Seat or ‘Judgment Seat of Christ’ for the evaluation/Rewards of all Believers of Christ before the Marriage Supper of the Lamb commences.
-IF the pattern is valid, then the Day-for-Year count yields the start of the 30 Day Repentance period corresponding with 1969 -with the decree to rebuild Jerusalem at the end of the Six-Day War in 1967, making 2001, 2011, & 2015 key time markers.
-The year 2015 could be a significant time-marker, if either it is the start or the middle of a prophetic period. This could possibly be the 3.5 or 7 Year period long debated & sought out after. Has God encoded the ‘Last Week of 7’ within the Feast of Sukkot all along?
-The 7 Days of Sukkot could correlate to the Saints/Bride ‘Tabernacle-ing’ / abiding with Christ 7 years in Heaven while the Last Week of Daniel’s 7 occurs on Earth. This 7 Day-to-Year pattern could allude to the Week of Daniel encoded in the Feast?!