Leigh (4 Oct 2011)
"Nibiru the destroyer is coming? also  Dr Owuor's prophecy."

John and Doves Has anybody have more info about Nibiru pulling Elenin into its orbit and also coming into our solar system at a speed pf 46,000 m.p.h.?  Also WHY are they building a telescope in Chile with a 243 ft mirror?   Very few people know just how correct most of the YouTube videos are...What I did find was on Repentance and Holiness another prophecy about more unrest coming to Israel and also between Pakistan and India. Dr. Owuor  says these are the birth pains. So if Revelation's sign of the woman in the sky gives birth on the 4th October, who knows what will happen next?  Mr Mahmud Abbas has gone to Columbia looking for another vote to hand to the U N  to give them an independant Palestinian state. There is so much chaos on this earth going on it gets harder every day to keep up. Its not news anymore its all bad news. I feel like Im on a ship of fools lately and no one knows which way we are heading. LOL!!!!  One thing Im definitely sure of is that we are the last generation and the ones who are not going to make the rapture will be in for a rough ride..  Rocks, here the ship comes. Luckily the Bride of Christ are not on the Titanic!  If Nibiru is definitely on its way to the earth I can tell you it will be the DAY OF THE LORD with massive tsunamis and a sixth seal earthquake.  Please dont take your eyes off JESUS our SAVIOUR for this mountain is steeper than what I thought.  If you look down from where we have come from then remember Lots wife. Your foot may slip. Now is the time to practice faith like never before. Hold onto JESUS hand and do NOT LOOK AT THE WAVES!!!!  The best way not to fall is on your knees.  May the precious HOLY SPIRIT protects ALL of us.  Love Leigh.  MARANATHA!!!!