Leigh (27 Oct 2011)

Beloved In Jesus Christ, the SON of GOD ALMIGHTY,  that man who converted from Islam to Christiaity  was decapitated yesterday. They put a three minute video on the computer.  He was asked to betray JESUS but he did not speak a word. Then two guys with butchers knives cut his throat.  All I can say is what Stephen said when he died:  LORD JESUS, RECEIVE MY SPIRIT.........What a mighty thing he did. While they were shouting ALLAH AKBAR! ALLAH AKBAR!   When Cain killed his brother GOD said to him THE VOICE OF THE BLOOD OF YOUR BROTHER IS CRYING TO ME FROM THE EARTH.  People lets love one another.  Our brother now is in heaven. If someone says I love God but hates his brother he is a lier. 1 John 4: 20  We are so close to the end, please dont wait till tomorrow, it may be too late.  Love one another. Without holiness nobody will see the LORD!!!!   Love from Leigh