Leigh (22 Oct 2011)
"Pastor Paul Begley"

According to this wellknown beloved pastor, we are now near the end of Daniel 11. He says the next nation to be overthrown by the spirit of the antichrist will be Syria. The United Nations have asked Assad to step down.  These are a prelude of the Gog Magog war building up in Ezekiel 38 39. He says if you dont have time to listen to his sermon and would rather watch Dancing with the Stars you better get right with GOD if you want to become a star in Eternity!!!! NO TV IN HEAVEN GUYS!!!! The antichrist is going to set up his thrown on Mount Moriah in Israel. But verse 44 says he will get news from Russia and China which will alarm him and with great fury he will arise and devote many to destruction.  Daniel 12 says BUT AT THIS TIME  Michael the great Prince shall arise and there shall be a time of trouble as never has been!!!!!  But BEFORE THAT those who died in Christ and we who are alive will meet the LORD in the air!!!!  WOW!!!!   WHO IS THE RESTRAINER THAT KEEPS THIS FROM HAPPENING????   The SWEET HOLY SPIRIT who is going to change us in the wink of an eye when the shofar blows and thus we will be with the LORD forever!!! 11 11 11 is the number of the beast and this is the day the United Nations are having talks with Palestinians regarding dividing Israel.  The head of the beast is IRAQ!!!!   Mr Obama has declared that he is withdrawing the USA troops from Iraq by the end of this year!!!  WOW!!!  What does THAT mean for us?  Iraq is the HEAD of the beast who received a deadly wound but is now healed. If this doesnt blow your socks off then you better start studying Bible prophecy. We are in the time of injury just before the end whistle blows and the players leaving the field. Will you be one of the injured ones?  The Bible says NONE OF THE WICKED WILL UNDERSTAND!!! BUT THOSE WHO ARE WISE SHALL SHINE LIKE THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE SKY ABOVE. Daniel 12...May our PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT WORK IN OUR HEARTS TODAY THAT WE ALL BECOME HIS STARS!!!   FOR JESUS SHED HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD FOR US ON GOLGOTHA.... Not long any more and we will all be with  our ALMIGHTY FATHER, the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in heaven.  Without holiness NOBODY will see the Lord!!!  Shalom Love you all. Leigh