Leigh (22 Oct 2011)
"start of the three and a half years GREAT TRIBULATION...Many thanks to Bert and MathMan!!!!!"

So many signs indicate that the Great Tribulation begins the end of October 2011....  Gaddafi got killed and he reigned for 42 years. Forty two is the 42 months of Daniel. They say end of a demonic era but who is taking his place? The antichrist. Genesis 1 says the sun and the moon will be not only lights but also for signs.  Leo the Lion is taking the sickel in his hand in November. Revelation tells us that the angel of the Lord will take his sickel and reap the earth. 11 11  2011 is the day that the UNSC will decide on the Palestinian situation regarding Israel being divided. We all know the bar code on cans etc.  The IIiiiIIiiiII   is the mark of the beast 666. When they divide Gods land the great tribulation will begin. The Bible says Israel is the apple of Gods eye.  God showed me two numbers on Wednesday afternoon. I had to search and search for the meaning until the breaking news came that Gaddafi got killed.
 That was the second number.  But I had this dream about the figure 70 TWICE which means it is IMMINENT.  God told me that SEVENTY PEOPLE confirmed that the rapture is going to take place soon. He showed me this twice. Then I searched and very quickly He showed me that 70 is the number of YAHWEH    WOW!!!!  So it was HIM that gave me the message. When we look at the tetrads in 2015 we see all the blood moons and linking that to  Matthew 24 we know that this will be the day Jesus will be back on the Mount of Olives on September 2015. So Ron Reese said the Tribulation started on September 2008 when the stock market fell with 777 points which we all know about So last night I listened to the prophet of the Lord Dr. Owuor who proclaimed:  I declare to North America, I declare to South America, I declare to Europe, I declare to Asia I declare to Iceland I declare to Australia and New Zealand, I declare to England, I declare to the Islands::::::    The KING OF GLORY IS COMING BACK!!!!!  THE KING OF GLORY IS COMING BACK!!!!!   REPENT and PREPARE the WAY of the LORD!!!!  for WITHOUT HOLINESS NOBODY WILL SEE THE LORD!!!!!   Hebrews chapter 12.   May you who read this letter turn your back on the world!!!!   Get rid of TV stories, get rid of all that is filthy.  Be HOLY FOR GOD IS HOLY  THE LORD BLESS YOU!!!  Shalom......  Leigh