Leigh (1 Oct 2011)
"this is a big SHOCK!!!!!!"

Dearest DOVES.  We are all so very serious about getting to heaven and of course, me too.  But Ill tell you I have just read     purifysoul   then click on super sensual      which is a dialogue between a disciple and his Master.  Its more than an eye opener.  We all think were going to be the BRIDE?????   rather than the wedding guests???  I  am beginning to understand why Dr Owuor are hammering on the bridal gown which must be pure and white!  After I have read this I realise that a SERIOUS BRIDE-TO-BE must turn his back completely on this world and get rid of this self willed beast inside of us. We had a wonderful BBQ here at my place yesterday and I told them when I buy food Im looking for just the best quality. I wonder if the "bride of CHRIST"  is REALLY as pure and holy as we should be or is the I and ME still alive and the ego still ruling me?  Or have I committed my whole will every hour to my GOD and SAVIOUR?  People, maybe GOD is giving us a few more days to get ready. I am going to make sure that it is no longer I that liveth but CHRIST that liveth in me!!!  GOD knows the exact day and hour and maybe it is HIS LOVE AND GRACE that is holding back the blowing of the shofar to make sure that at least some of us may be really purified and enter in His GLORY not as a wedding guest but as the true holy worthy Bride of our beloved JESUS.  Like Dr Owuor always quotes: WITHOUT HOLINESS NOBODY WILL SEE THE LORD!!!  Thankyou JESUS for another day of your mighty grace to get ready!!!!!  MARANATHA...  Love in Christ JESUS.  Leigh Australia.