K.S. Rajan (7 Oct 2011)
"Floods and Famines--John McTernan"

Floods, Famines, Fires, Etc.
Ariz. dust storms 'looked like a war zone'; 1 dead 10/05/11 This has happened many times this year. Maybe Arizona is being turned into a huge dust bowl?
Rare Subsea Earthquakes Rattle Bermuda Region 10/04/11
Earthquake swarm after officials confirm eruption at Iceland volcano Katla10/05/11 This is the volcano that erupted in the 18th Century and caused massive deaths in Europe. It is now coming on line!
"Iceland's massive volcano Katla appears on the brink of a major eruption just days after officials confirmed they had detected the start of eruptions over the summer. Measuring devices this morning have picked up a large earthquake swarm, usually a tell-tale sign of a potential volcanic eruption."
Double eruptions: Kamchatka’s Shiveluch volcano unleashes 8 km ash cloud, Anak Krakatau 3 km 10/05/11 More volcanoes erupting as the earth is getting ready for the coming Day of the LORD