K.S. Rajan (6 Oct 2011)
"commentary--John McTernen"

Syria is now threatening Israel with war, and Israel did nothing to Syria. Syria is stating if it is attacked by NATO, meaning Turkey, Syria will launch all its missiles against Israel! What logic on the part of Assad. The actual reason for this is if a he starts a war with Israel all the Arab nations will be compelled to join him! First Egypt was talking about war with Israel. Then it seems like the next week Turkey is on a war footing with Israel and now a few days later Syria is ready for war with Israel.
All this rhetoric is going to eventually lead to war. The great war is on the horizon. Israel has already stated in the past that it is going to utterly destroy Lebanon and Syria. It will be an all-out war with Hamas and whoever joins them. All we can do is pray for Israel and watch this unfold. Remember, one way or another, Jerusalem is going to ignite this war