K.S. Rajan (29 Oct 2011)
"obama army WND report"

In fact, from Day One the Obama administration has been generously "funding" the union army. From the General Motors bailout, which blatantly favored union workers, to Obamacare, whose burdensome new regulations don't apply to many unions thanks to special White House waivers exempting them; from Obama's early executive order requiring all federal agencies to accept construction bids only from contractors who agree to use union workers, to packing the D.C. bureaucracy with union officials – the Obama regime has been characterized by non-stop union payoffs, special treatment, insider access and blatant power grabs. All in return for their undying loyalty and service in "OBAMA'S ARMY."

Today, in a ghoulish, inverted mirror-image of the tea party, Americans are witnessing the "occupation" of its major cities by thousands of demonstrators – instigated in part by top union agitators like the SEIU's Stephen Lerner, and funded by leftist billionaire activist George Soros.

Highlights of "OBAMA'S ARMY" include:
  • "Hoffa to Teamster 'army': 'Take these SOBs out'" by Drew Zahn. Vice President Joe Biden later amped up Hoffa's threats, calling opponents "barbarians" who had "declared war" on unions

  • "Obama offers perks to college kids to join his 'army'" by Chelsea Schilling, on youngsters earning credit for pushing "change" and working on advancing Obama's agenda

  • "Unions preparing for street chaos" by Aaron Klein, revealing how Obama-tied radicals are planning major disruptions in the coming election year

  • "Union thugs still rely on intimidation and violence" by Art Moore, who shows that despite thousands of violent union incidents, only 3 percent end up in conviction

  • "Tea party v. the Wall Street occupiers" by Joseph Farah, on the remarkable differences between the two groups

  • "Largest U.S. union behind Mideast riots?" by Aaron Klein, on one labor group's sordid ties to an organization targeting America's anti-terror ally

  • "How public employee unions really work" by Patrice Lewis, a simple primer on corrupt and fraudulent collective bargaining

  • "Public-sector unions choke taxpayers" by John Stossel, on how politicians obtain union political support by granting government workers generous pensions and health benefits, leaving taxpayers liable for trillions in unfunded promises

  • "Union gangsters" by Matthew Vadum – profiles in greed and obsession with power

  • "Obamacare was tailored to benefit labor" by Bob Unruh, on how unions helped write the unpopular law – and then got themselves exempted from it

  • "The Communist Party's huge role in the U.S. labor movement" by Art Moore, on how union after union has deep roots in anti-American, anti-capitalist ideology

  • "Ronald Reagan v. Hollywood's labor unions" by David Kupelian, on how Reagan got his start in politics, and in fighting communism

  • "Meet the extremist group in charge of teaching your children" by Phyllis Schlafly, exposing the National Education Association as far-left, anti-parent, pro-feminist, pro-homosexual

  • "Hey, unions: There's no free lunch" by Thomas Sowell, who shows how unions "specialize in siphoning off wealth created by others"

  • "Chicago union chiefs get $56 million personal gift from lawmaker buddies" – just a little perk on the taxpayers' dime

  • "When private parties talk, unions protest" by Herman Cain, who assures readers, "This type of liberal lunacy and attempted intimidation is not going to work"

  • "Even FDR was against public-sector unions" by James Sherk, a comprehensive look at why giving government employees collective-bargaining power is a major disaster

  • … and much more!
"Every army has its generals, its politicians, its propagandists and its behind-the-scenes chess-masters," said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. "But in Obama's army, who are the ground troops?