K.S. Rajan (28 Oct 2011)

How Obama’s ‘Red Army’ Is Destroying America By Design
President, Dems accused of deliberately overloading country’s financial system
NEW YORK – A new book released today documents how President Obama and progressive Democrats are deliberately overloading the U.S. financial system, using socialist designs to remake the economy. The book, with nearly 1,500 endnotes, documents how these radicals aim to remake the American financial system with massive government control.
It traces the policies to groups such as the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a union-manufacturer partnership; the Soros-funded Campaign for America’s Future; and the Apollo Alliance, which is run by a who’s who of radicals.
On Obamacare, the “Red Army” documents how the legislation – deliberately masked by moderate, populist rhetoric – was carefully crafted and perfected over the course of decades. The book shows how the law is a direct product of laborious work by a coalition of radical groups and activists with socialist designs who seek to “reform” the U.S. health care industries, which account for a significant portion of the U.S. capitalist enterprise.
“Red Army” reveals the principal author of Obamacare, as well as how the legislation had its origins in an initiative openly associated with a slew of radical activists and groups. One is a group funded by Soros. A second is a terrorist-supporting, communist-hailing extremist. To top it off, another is a socialist activist who is the father of the U.S. single-payer movement.
Klein and Elliott first exposed President Obama’s “extremist ties” in their 2010 New York Times best-seller “The Manchurian President.”
Some other highlights from “Red Army”:

    The existence of a powerful “Marxist-socialist” bloc in Congress (explicitly formed as an arm of the Democratic Socialists of America) and how it is behind legislation in areas that affect all Americans, including the complete socialization of health care and comprehensive immigration reform, which, the book exposes, seeks to change the very nature of the American electorate.
    In two chapters that every American must read, entirely new information is laid bare on the left’s unprecedented assault on America’s already over-liberalized education system.
    The multipronged policy offensive aimed at disarming America by emboldening its enemies within and without, spurning traditional allies, subjecting the nation to the authority of foreign tribunals and systematically dismantling the U.S. military.
    How elements of the news media not only collude with these radical groups but are in some cases members of the very extremist organizations they ought to be investigating