K.S. Rajan (21 Oct 2011)
"report by Joel Rosenberg"

Washington, D.C., October 20, 2011) -- Breaking news reports indicate Muammar Gaddafi, the tyrant of Tripoli, has been captured by the rebels and may be dead. Let's hope justice has been done. His hands were soaked with the blood of innocent Libyans and Americans.

The story, however, won't end with Gaddafi's death. Now there is a new concern: Where is Libya headed next? Will the rebels ally themselves with the West, or with the Radicals jihadists of Iran, Sudan and al Qaeda?

The sobering truth is the mullahs in Tehran have been seizing the initiative and moving strategically in recent months to exploit the chaos in Libya and to build an alliance with the rebels. They are eager to build an anti-American, anti-Israeli coalition throughout the Middle East and North Africa to lay the groundwork for an Islamic caliphate. What's more, the mullahs in Tehran believe the fall of leaders in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt are prophetic signs that the Twelfth Imam's arrival is soon, as revealed in the Iranian documentary film, "The Coming Is Upon Us," released earlier this year. On the blog, I've posted some articles from the past several months showing how systematically Tehran has been involved in making sure Libya falls Iran's way, not America's or NATO's.

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* Iran hopes Gaddafi domino will fall the right way - "Seen from Iran, Libya is either the latest dictatorship to fall to an 'Islamic awakening' that will unite the Muslim Middle East, or a new foothold for the treacherous West to assert its economic and political domination over the region."
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