K.S. Rajan (15 Oct 2011)
"Gods warning to USA by JohnMcTernan"

God's Final Warning to America
Remember, on September 20, 2011, the United States military allowed open homosexuality. I believe that because of this, God's judgment is on the military. As the economic situation worsens, the military is going to degraded and become a shell of itself. Most likely we can look back and say that 2011 was he zenith for the US military.
Panetta warns of retreat in Africa due to budget cuts 10/13/11
Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta on Thursday warned Congress that automatic cuts in defense spending would force the Pentagon to reduce its presence in some trouble spots, including Africa, a hotbed of al Qaeda franchise groups.
Mr. Panetta previously raised the specter of a dysfunctional, “hollow” U.S. military if automatic budget reductions force the Pentagon to squeeze out $1 trillion in spending over 10 years.
Budget cuts take US military 'to the edge'- Panetta 10/13/11
Two GOP homosexuals campaign for San Diego mayor 10/09/11 There is no hope politically for America. The Republicans are just where the Democrats were 10-15 years ago. The homosexuals are all through the political structure which God is going to judge. The only hope is an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit which will beat back the sin. Without this, there is now no hope. Each day which passes, without the real church crying out to the LORD, makes the situation worse. I guess there is a point of no return which America may have crossed over with the "marrying" of the homosexuals and sodomizing the military this year