K.S. Rajan (11 Oct 2011)
"Report by Jim Fletcher"

Medearis also alleges that Christian Zionists allow “obscure Old Testament promises” to drive our pro-Israel agenda. The promises are not obscure, except to one who has spiritualized-away plain meanings. The OT promises to the Jews bleed-through on nearly every page.
All this is why the film “Little Town of Bethlehem,” which promotes the Palestinian view of the Arab-Israeli conflict, has been screened at places like Wheaton College, Calvin College, Gordon College, Willow Creek Church, Bethlehem Assembly of God, and Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA.
For the first time in my memory, people from Pentecostal backgrounds, Southern Baptist, and other conservative denominations are linking arms with mainline churches, Catholics, and voices from other religions, for one reason: promoting the Palestinian narrative. You would be stunned if you knew the associations, and how deep and wide the networking is, but I am going to tell you soon.
The War on Bible Prophecy is the same as the War on Israel. The left is gaining steam in this effort, and my concern is that conservatives are largely unaware. If we think that John Hagee’s visible efforts for Israel mean that a gigantic army for Israel exists in American churches, we are deluding ourselves.