KML (4 Oct 2011)
"RE; Firecharger"

Hello Andy; and Doves
Thank you for posting this video on Youtube.

This video from the Stellarium program is closer to what I believe will be when tribulation begins as our Lord told us in Matt 24. " For in that day there will be great tribulation". We are the restraining force which holds back the A/c. Holy Spirit dwelling within us.
Rev 4:1 will happen 8 chapters before Rev 12. Jesus said to John in Rev 4;1 Come up hither, and I will shew thee [things] which [must] be [hereafter]. We dear brother are in heaven 8 chapters before this vision of the great wonder in heaven.
Please if you would check Stellarium and enter the date " October 16/17 2016.
I have been researching the [2nd coming], and therefore I can presume that 3 1/2 years back from that date, will be the Alter where the Abomination, and the Fleeing, and the Witnesses, and the Flood will happen. It is my belief that the 2300 day count began May 19, 2010. As of today Oct 3,2011 the day count is 1810 - 1290 days =620 days left till the Alter/ Abomination. 620 days = 1 year 4 months 10 days.
We all know that we are translated before this time, and therefore we can better place the Rapture
as we watch the events unfold surrounding Israel.
Our Lord told us He would come at a time we think NOT. Of course it can be at any minute of any hour of any day. I truely believe that it is very near.
Rev 12 is the date for the 1260 day count. 1290 day count is the Alter/abomination
and 30 days later Israel flees, and the witnesses appear and the Flood is sent by the A/c, and the earth opens to swollow the waters to protect Israel as they flee. [ the woman]
7 chapters later Jesus comes in Power and Great Glory ! Brother; we are with Him when He comes !
Revelation is chronological.

Thank you and
Be Blessed